Summer Lunch – A lunch program for kids

This program is designed for kids to come eat lunch, participate in a craft project and/or listen to a presentation, in a safe and secure environment. The children are always supervised.

Summer Lunch

Your child can participate in our weekend bag food program every Friday. The bags contain, kid friendly foods such as; cereal, canned pasta, canned vegetables, fruit cups, mac and cheese, a couple snack items, peanut butter and jelly.

Who can join?

Summer lunch program is offered every Tuesdays, Thursday and Friday in Port Clinton. See below for more information on restrictions, and how to find out more.

Summer Lunch

Is There An Age Restriction?

Yes. To be a part of the Summer Lunch Program, attendees must be between ages 3 and 17.

Summer Lunch

Are There Income Requirements?

No. The Summer Lunch Program has no requirement on income or residency.

Interested in the Summer Lunch Program?

If you are interested in the summer lunch program please fill out the form below, or contact April at 419.734.6645.