TICKET to Success – Your “Road Map to Life”

TICKET is an independent living skills lab that began with a demonstration grant from the Ohio Supreme Court. The program developed and instituted a curriculum that consists of a “Road Map” to life.

What is a Road Map to Life?

Far too often children were aging out of foster care and emancipating into adulthood lacking the essential independent living skills required for success in life. It was then that the Juvenile Court, partnering with Ottawa County CASA, created the vision for TICKET to Success – a centralized independent living skills lab that would serve all children of Ottawa County, and would teach the skills and provide the experiences that are necessary to live a purposeful life.

TICKET to Success

The Lab

TICKET to Success includes hands on labs and presentations.

  • The independent living skills lab is an actual kitchen. Youth participate in lab activities during 2 ½ hour sessions throughout the week.

  • Programs are developed around categories like Housing, Money Management, Job and Career, Community Culture and Social Life, Self- Care and Health.

  • Volunteers from the community attend TICKET sessions to share information about all of these categories.


Each day the program begins with preparing dinner. The menu is planned ahead of time and each person has a specific duty to assist in meal preparation. The meal is an important skill as well as a way to engage the kids in conversation. Following dinner is a program and then clean up.

Sample Programs

  • Detective Amy Gloor presented information on human trafficking

  • A respiratory therapist came and talked about what a career in respiratory therapy looks like

  • Ottawa County 4H came and explained what they do

  • Disaster preparedness

  • Owens Community College and a local pastor talked about self-worth and mistakes

Why Choose TICKET

One of the most fun evenings was “fix-it” night. Volunteers were stationed in different parts of the house teaching the kids to sew on a button, iron a shirt, unclog a toilet, turn off the water main and check the oil in their car. The program has arranged for several “field trips” including Zinc Duck Calls, East Harbor State Park and Camp Perry to learn shooting. TICKET is a warm and loving place to learn important life skills and do some exploration on what is possible.

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